HSS Drill Bits

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High Speed Steel (HSS) Drill bits are harder and more resistant to heat than high carbon steel bits, this makes them perfect for drilling into hard materials such as metals and hardwoods.

Please note: these bits are supplied individually, with the exception of 1.5mm x 40mm, which are supplied in packs of 2.

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1.5mm x 40mm, 10mm x 133mm, 12mm x 151mm, 2.0mm x 50mm, 2.5mm x 57mm, 3.0mm x 61mm, 3.5mm x 70mm, 4.0mm x 75mm, 4.5mm x 80mm, 5.0mm x 86mm, 5.5mm x 93mm, 6.0mm x 93mm, 7.0mm x 109mm, 7.5mm x 109mm, 8.0mm x 117mm, 8.5mm x 117mm

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