Pine Scotia – 2.4m

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Scotia beading is used to cover the expansion gap that is left around the perimeter of a room after the flooring and skirting have been fitted. Simply attach the Scotia to the bottom of the skirting using a wood adhesive and/ or pins, making sure to cover the entire length of each wall in the room.

It is common for the beading to be painted/ stained the same colour as the skirting, this gives the impression that the beading is part of the moulding on the skirting board itself, giving the room a more finished look.

Please note: Scotia beading is supplied in 2.4m lengths and is available in various widths and depths.

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12mm x 12mm, 15mm x 15mm, 21mm x 15mm, 21mm x 21mm, 42mm x 14mm

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